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Anyone know the Diamond Exchange?

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Hello All,


I'm in the market for an engagment ring and I've been looking at the Ebay listings of a number of places. One in particular has caught my attention: the Diamond Exchange (which is located in Fresno, although you might not know this from their listings). They are list under the ebay name of



I'm just trying to do my homework. Does anyone have experiences to relate, good, bad or indifferent? I notice that they sell GIA ceritified stones (among others) and that strikes me as a good starting point.


Many thanks for your help.

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Don't know much but I do know that the Diamond Exchange is a chain store. There is one located nearby by in the Puget Sound area. They sound reputable enough to me. The store here is quite large, has a staff of maybe 30 - 40 people, I think. I don't think they work on commission because they have want adds in newspaper offering p/hour salaries in different sales/management positions with quite a bit higher salaries than people on commission. For instance they are offering up to $20 p/hour to sales people with diamond experience, but the market here is closer to $12-14 p/hour to sales people with commission packages.


As far as the quality of their product goes. I believe it's pretty much on the same scale as Shane & Co., and other discount type of jewelry outlets.

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