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Eternity Ring Sizing


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I am pruchasing an eternity ring as a wedding band and am having a tough time deciding on a size.

I found a size six that is great, although a little large.

I would be very concerned about wearing it on its own as a band as it would probably fall off.

In order to go to a 5.5, I would need to reduce the size of the stones.

The jeweler has suggested they could put in two sizers on the inside to make it fit a bit better, but I am not sure if that is a good solution.

They are hand making each ring so it is no problem to go either way.


I like the look of the larger stones but don't want to have an ill fitting ring.

Do sizers work well? Can you see them?


Is it better to get a larger ring with sizers (that may fit better as I age) or is it better to get a ring that fits now?


Older women I know have there rings made larger as they age, so is this an argument to go to the larger size?

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It sounds like your jewelry is talking about sizing balls.. These are small balls of gold or platinum that are put at about the 7:30 and 4:30 position (if it were a clock) on the inside of the ring.. These balls slide over the knuckle easily and then hold the ring in place.. They take some getting used to to wear.. But are very effective..


Since this is being custom made, have you considered having them make it a quarter size smaller?? All it would take is making the ring taller.. They could even do that with a half size.. Actually, this would be my preferred solution.. Make the ring tall enough to set the stone you like but fit the size of your finger..


If you were to assume that the height of your ring off of your finger is 2.5mm.. To make it a 5.5 instead of a 6 the ring would be just 2.7mm tall.. Not much of a difference at all..

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