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Help choosing an oval or pear shaped diamond


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I have read at least 3 online guides but they seem to apply mostly to rounds.


My fiancee and I went to look at local jewlery store in the burbs and the manager showed us an oval diamond with the following stats that were on the card...


1.75 caret

oval brilliant cut






polish/symetry good/good

treatment none

had laser number and GIA cert.


The price was $6600 + 9% tax and $74 dollars for unimited cleaning and $127 for mounting + the band . Which we still havent picked. This seemed high and much more than we have budgeted.


1) What exactly do I look for in an oval or pear shaped diamond? What is most important?

What can we do to get the most value for the money and not get taken ? Her ideal range is 1.5 to 1.8 carats. What would you do next to find the right fit ?


Thanks for your valuable time and advice,



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I did a quick search using the find online jeweler (above)

and found 1.75-ish carat oval diamonds at much higher prices than that which you quoted in your post.


i guess with a price difference that significant, i would wonder what the deal is with the store you saw the diamond in. i'm familiar with jarads, as they had them in Atlanta when i lived there and haven't heard anything bad about them, but then again, i don't recall hearing anything particularly good about them either.


sorry i can't be more help. i know you posed on the other forum as well, and they pretty much said the same thing.


good luck and happy shopping!

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What to look for in an Oval?


A nice pleasing shape with rounded shoulders, built up Crown, moderate amount of bow-tie to provide necessary contrast brilliance and a Length to Width ratio in the range of 1.45 to 1.65.


You'll know it when you see it.


Attached graphic shows a good looking Oval.


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