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advice on pricing


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Hi. Would love some feedback from the experts.


Bought a round stone for my girl as follows:


.78 carat, depth 60%, table 63%, polish excellent, symmetry excellent, clarity SI2, color E.


Paid $3,700 plus tax for platinum with six prong setting. Feel I did alright. The lady wants to upgrade to an SI1. The stone has a black inclusion in the middle which is visible from the side. She thinks it's visible from the top, but I think she's crazy.


Jeweler showed us a ring with similar everything except the polish is good not excellent, and it is an SI1. The loop shows no inclusions at all. Perfect with the naked eye too. He wants an extra $550 to swap the stones. This seems high to me, based on my research of bluenile.com etc. What do you all think?


Fiancee is not typically into money and jewelry but said she would rather have the upgrade because this is forever and she doesn't mind splitting the cost. I just want to make sure I'm not being overcharged because the jeweler knows the girl will get what she wants. I figured 300 should be the max upcharge.


Current stone is probably an SI2-, new stone is likey an SI1+



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ok, just because i adore research i did some hunting.


i found several stones in the .78c, round, with the table and depth % info close to yours


The price difference between the Si2 and the Si1 was somewhere around 500-700.


now, don't quote me on this because i am not only not a diamond expert, i don't like round diamonds at all, so i don't know ANYTHING about them. certainly there are other contributing factors than just carat weight, color, clarity and those two percentages. i know there are all kinds of angles and things, florescence, etc. that should be taken into consideration.


that having been said, you can certainly click above on the 'find online jeweler' and do your own research.


good luck!

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I have a few questions please.


Is the SI1 offer from the same jeweler who sold you the SI2?

Do the SI1 and SI2 gradings come from the same lab?

How long ago did you make the original deal? Are you still within the dealers 'return' period?

Is bluenile the dealer?



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