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3ct heart shaped diamond


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well, i'm not a sir, but i'll offer this



i did a search and wasn't able to find anything in that colour range, but that might be a specialty item for which I'm ill prepared to quest.


you can certainly try to use the 'find online jeweler' option above to see if you can find some comparisons.


Certainly i found some that were 3c heart shaped, but i found only down to an I color, and those were significantly more expensive than the number you have listed here if 1700 is correct.

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Hi Lil,

Have you seen a photo of this diamond?

1700 quid is very inexpensive for a 3 carat, and this is likely our first clue as to what the diamond looks like.

I have seen heart shaped diamonds that took my breath away- and others that caused me to loose my lunch...hehehe


In either case, simply knowing a grade tells us very little- ESPECIALLY a non GIA grade.


Be very careful!!!

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