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Feathers in diamond


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Someone is selling me a EFL certified .5carat diamond . The EGL certificate says it has some deathers . The color is G and clarity is VS1. Also in the comments section it is metioned that inclusions refelect.

WHat is a fair value approx price of this diamonds and do the comments say that diaond is of bad quality

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A feather, by itself, it not a defect. This is probably why the clarity was graded VS1 instead of something higher than that. At VS1, it should be difficult to find even with magnification and it should not be visible to the naked eye.


You can find competitive offers for EGL graded stones either with the 'find online jeweler' or 'find local jeweler' links at the top of the page or just by showing up at local stores and asking them what they have to offer. Not all VS1-G's are the same but this will get you an idea of an appropriate budget to expect.



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Thanks for the reply

I checked the rapaport value of the stone and it came out to be 1300. As this stone is actually.49 carats the value is significantly less than a .5carat stone. The person he can give the stone to me at 40% off from this value. I think this looks like a good offer. As the stone comes with an EGL certificate

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