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Web-based color grading system for gemstones


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1st March 2006 Gemval.com releases a new Web-based color grade system for natural gemstones.


Gemval.com new color grade system is designed as a simplified modification of the GIA color grading standards for natural gemstones. The difference and the most important features of Gemval's color grading system are:


- Unlike GIA color standard physical set, Gemval's web color communication system is specifically tailored to color reconciliation through the web interface and precisely fit to 32-bit LCD computer monitors. For your convenience each pattern refers both to the GIA color scale and to the web color code.


- A gemstone color is probably the most important characteristic contributing to any online appraisal process. In order to make this step easier and intuitively more comprehensible we reduced the number of color patterns within hue and saturation scales. Such simplified model is primary oriented to collectors and amateurs of gems but the system is also suitable for jewelry professionals who trade online.


- The unique and the most interesting feature of the system is a "minimal value gap" modelling. It means that we kept a highest details level within color areas, which have the biggest impact to gems value, and we reduced the color precision scale for the areas of unsaturated / dark colors, which are usually applicable for inexpensive gemstone varieties. Therefore the system assures that the value estimation error remains minimal for neighbouring cells of the matrix.


- The color grade system represents the core of Gemval's online appraisal system. It consists of 230 color patterns, 25 base hue sets + grey scale, extended by 6 tones (very light, light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark) and by 3 saturation grades (strong, very slightly greyish/brownish, slightly greyish/brownish).


I'll highly appreciate your opinion concerning this implementation. I thank you in advance!





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