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Engagement Ring Shopping

Andersen Harbison

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Hello, my Honey and I were shopping last weekend for an engagement ring. We found and engagement/wedding ring set that I love, and I've been doing lots of research. We're going back Saturday to look at it again, ask more questions, find out what the cut is, see the GSI cert, etc. and I was hoping that maybe someone could "translate" the information on the tag that was on the rings which says "1.01 CT.F/Si2 68 RBC dias-0.59 ct A/1.5 (E/F) VVs". The stone is already mounted.


I know what "1.01 CT.F/Si2 68 RBC dias-0.59 ct" means, but I don't know what "A/1.5 (E/F) VVs" means. Does the "(E/F)" refer to the flourence of the 68 RBC diamonds (they looked really sparkly to me)? Or maybe it's internal shop specific info?


We looked at the diamond under the loop last weekend, and there's a feather, that I couldn't see, but my Honey said he saw it. I really couldn't see any other inclusions. I want to find the feather this weekend, and see how close to the surface it is.


Are there any other questions I should be asking?


Thank you!

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I think you should be asking about the price of the ring. And then maybe shopping around or using the find online jeweler option to see if the price is reasonable for what you have seleted. Did you see the ring at a mall jeweler?


You should also ask about their return policy if you buy it and then decide the next day that you really don't like the feather (regardless of if you can see it or not).


And I think you should ask about a GIA certificate, because I understand from another post here that GSI is something rather new and that it will take a while for the GSI to earn it's reputation in the marketplace.


And! you should ask about an independent appraisal.


I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure some of the other amazing people here will have more suggestions!

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I don't think the E/F refers to flurescence. Does the ring have one main stone and a bunch of smaller stones in the setting? I was thinking maybe it refered to the color grade of the accent stones, and the VVS would be clarity of the accent stones.


Just a guess. I really don't know.


GSI -- still would want a GIA certificate after all I've learned here. GSI is the new kid on the block if I'm not mistaken.

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ok. GSI is a new lab in NYC opened by a former EGL-USA person.


I would recommend you find out about getting the diamond certed by AGL or GIA -or find a really great independent appraiser who is local to you and whose opinion you can trust.


You may not want to ask the jeweler for recommendations - they're easy to find online (check www.pricescope.com) :rolleyes:

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Yes, fOrbidden, the ring has a main stone and 68 other stones in the setting (the 68 stones are are in both the engagement ring and the wedding band).


I'm going to have to get my alphabet straight! Now I can't remember if it was GSI or GIA. It might have been GIA. It was G something!! Argh!!


My Honey and I have already talked about getting it appraised and insured. We've seen other rings from "big box" stores, that are twice as expensive, and only for the engagement ring.


Thanks for your reply!

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