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found a diamond-what's it worth?


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the diamond is 5-16 inches wide at the widest point. the cut is good i believe , very clear in color, no blemesishes that I can see. it is a round cut diamond I don't have a microscrope so I don't know if it is engraved or not. found it in a soft drink machine sparkeling up at me. It's one big rock. I've seen wedding bands before but this thing is huge!

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Assuming that the diamond is 'about' 5/16 of an inch (about 8.2mm) and it is of reasonable cut you are looking at a nearly 2ct diamond.. Again, assuming average make color etc., you could be looking at anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 or more..


Which leads me back to an earlier comment.. If you found 20 grand laying on the ground what would you do??


Other than all of that, I have to wonder if you will find a 'real' diamond in a pop machine..

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I would report it to the police or put a listing in the local paper or something.

somewhere out there is a person FREAKING out because their diamond (or money or whatever) is missing. It's nice to think that I could just 'find' something like that, but that sort of thing doesn't happen to me B)


That having been said, if the real owner turns up, you've just made someone really happy and may even end up with cash in hand as a 'reward' of sorts - if they don't, well, then at least you can say you tried to do the right thing!


so, that would be my answer to the question.

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