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Is this a good diamond?


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Diamond Specs:


GIA Cert

Marquise Brilliant

12.51 x 6.44 x 3.45 mm

Weight: 1.57 ct

Depth: 53.6 % (Is this to shallow?)

Table: 56 %

Gridle: MED to VTK, F

Culet: None

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Good

Clarity: SI1

Color: F

Flourescence: Medium Blue

A cloud is not shown.

Key: Crystal, Feather,

Indented Natural, Extra Facet


What price range should the above diamond be in?


Thanks for any and all help.

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Thanks for the reply. The local retailer has this stone for $13,000. I was a little concerned about the depth being 53.6%. Most of the stones I have looked at are in the 58 - 65 % depth range. Is the lower depth good or bad? What minimum should I look for in the depth?


Also was a little concerned about purchasing a stone of this price range online. What experiences has anyone had buying online?




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The higher price is reflective of the B&M jewler's higher costs compared to an Internet Vendor.


Depth percentage cannot be evaluated in isolation but in conjunction with the rest of the diamond. The efficacy of 53% depth depends on several other facets such as the Table, crown, half-facets, etc, and their alignment.

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Thanks all for the replies. We are just trying to get a good quality diamond with the little knowledge we have. Considering the types of inclusions listed above, is there any type of inclusions I should be concerned with. Looking at the stone under a scope it looks good and the inclusions are in a location that could be hidden by the settings.


On a different note. I have been told a diamond with a color rating this clear we should consider platinum setting. Would using a yellow gold setting cause the stone to show up a little yellow? The colorlessness (if that is a word) of this stone is one of the things we liked about it.




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