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Is the Cloud a Problem?


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I'm looking at a GIA certified diamond with these characteristics:


Round Brilliant

.48 carat

E color

VS2 clarity

54% table width

15.5% crown height

34.0% crown angle

43.0% pavilion depth

61.9% total depth

thin-medium faceted

no cutlet

excellent polish

excellent symmetry




Symmetry characteristics: Cloud.


Cost: $1273


Apart from the fact there's a cloud, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the diamond. But since the vendor I'm looking at is online, I can't look for myself to see the extent of the cloud. Do you think because the diamond is VS2, the cloud will be invisible, or is it still likely to impact the brilliance of the diamond?

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You will need a minimum of 60-70X magnification to even begin to see it.


If this prospect bothers you don't buy the diamond.


Insofar as Brilliance is concerned, this is not gleaned from the numbers on the diamond grading report. You will need a Light performance Analysis such as provided by Gemex Brilliancescope to answer that question.

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