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great purchase or great ripoff?


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opinions needed, please..

I found this seemlingly amazing diamond:


.97 carat

D color

VVS2 clarity

VG/VG symmety and polish

70% table

71.3 depth

no flurescence

'ideal' Emerald cut


I had the measurements, but I didn't write them down - sorry, but the l/w ratio was 1.46


Girdle is 'stk' which I don't understand

Culet is none, which I understand to be a good thing in an emerald cut stone.




opinions, anyone?

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You're correct, forbidden.


"Seemingly" is the operative word, here. There is no such thing as an "Ideal" fancy shape. The numbers indicate external symmetry, not optical symmetry and level of light performance.


Eye-pleasing Emerald cuts, of all the fancy shapes, are the most difficult to find because of their facet alignments in straight planes which result in minimal "brilliance" aka 'white light' and "scintillation" aka 'sparklies'. The majority of them, even those with "good" numbers are opaque and glassy looking.


You need to 'see' as many as possible or at the very least work with an on-line vendor that can call in these diamonds, examine them for you and provide photo's and other data.


Good Luck.

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Thank you everyone -for answering my question!

I am actually going to see this diamond in person next weekend - the store is holding it aside for me until then.


I know that emerald cut stones aren't as 'sparkly' as some of the others, but that's why I like them so much - I don't really like the 'sparkle' that some of the other cuts have. I adore the simplicity of the emerald cut and it's plain elegance.


still, It's hard to find the 'right' stone. I've seen pictures of this one, but I'm looking forward to seeing it in person before making my final decision.


Thank you again!!!

I'm now more informed and that, I think, is the biggest challenge of buying a diamond.

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I was reading and researching - as usual! - and found that different websites use different terminology.


For instance, i found one site that grades cut by "good, very good and excellent" but the next site uses 'good, very good and premium' I think maybe this diamond seller uses 'good, very good and ideal'


We'll see!!

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you have identified one of the problems buyers face.

Sellers that ....well, they simply make up these names.


The term "Ideal Cut" is actually a product. AGS terms the cut of certain diamonds "Ideal"

Now GIA has started using a "cut grade" for round diamonds.

anything else is just hype. And personally, I hate when hype is presented as fact.

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