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Angel Diamond?


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ok guys - no one answered my diamondsonweb question, so how about this one


Angel Diamond - they're in NYC and so far, they've been so very helpful in answering my questions, and amazingly patient since I seem to come up with new questions almost every day.


And, they have an amazing diamond that is so very close to being the 'perfect' stone - at a really great price!


Has anyone dealt with them? Any feedback at all? Has anyone even HEARD of them?

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I am now officially updating my own post!

But I wanted anyone who is searching for diamonds in NYC to know that so far, these guys have been amazing.


I found a diamond that I love on their website. They have live help there, so I clicked and a wonderfully helpful person answered me. She verified that they have the stone in stock and offered to put it aside for a day or two while I make up my mind.


I found a setting I liked - on another website - she went to the website and found my ring and said they have one that is VERY similar in stock at their store - and offered to send me a wax casting of it so I can see it on my hand and see how it looks.


She's also sending pictures of the diamond I'm considering - a tip I picked up from our forum pro's!


Just for the record, they are in NYC, and I'm in CT so theoretically, I can drive there and see all this in person - but it's not a fun drive, especially with kids in the car - and well, not having to pay sales tax in this case is a huge benefit - because that gets pricey in New York.


alright - that's my update. The wax ring is supposed to be here tomorrow - I'll let you know what happens! I'm so excited!


Oh, and they have layaway if anyone wants to know - and NO i don't work for a jewelry store :)

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