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Hi everyone!!!


This is my first time here, and it seems like a lot of other people have received help from the other diamond lovers and experts in the trade. So, here I am hoping that I'll also receive some of your opinions as well.:)


I'm looking for an engagement ring. Even though my boyfriend lets me choose my own diamond ring, I feel that I cannot waste his hard earned money by not learning something about diamonds before buying one. I've used your search engine to find different online stores and it seems like ADOL is very popular with its decent prices. JamesAllen and Union Diamond seem to be on the list very frequently as well. I've read some of your comments, and it seems to me that Union Diamond is quite honest, helpful, patient...In short, it's a great place! Have you had any experiences with ADOL or James Allen? What do you think of these two jewelers? What other good online jewelers would you recommend?


Many thanks!

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Hi fourseasons,


Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to Diamond Review.


There are many reputable online vendors who offer competitive pricing and a variety of services. Take some time to educate yourself and consider the services that each vendor offers and what works best for you. Some vendors have 30 day money back guarantees, others have 7 to 10. Some have the option of a pre-purchase appraisal, others do not. Also consider things like laser inscription, lifetime upgrade policy, free shipping, full analysis with images, etc. These things have a little added value that may or may not be worth considering in your purchase depending on your needs.


All the best to you. :)

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Indeed..thank you for the help. I asked the company I'm dealing with if they would send pictures - they did..no problem!


Fortunately, they are close enough by that I can drive over and have a look in person - and I can find the setting I've been dreaming of that way, too :))


I'm glad I asked for the photos, though, I think it would have been a big 'red flag' to me had they not been willing to send them.

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