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final two choices


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So I talked with a wholesaler today. He has a 1.09 H VS1 emerald cut GIA with simple plat. setting I want for 5412 out the door.


I like the stone and he easily beat the retailers, but if I choose an online company I can go up to a 1.20 with the same grading for the same cash.


The decision seems obvious given the online people, union diamond in this case, honor the 30 day returns.


I have read alot of this forum pertaining to this type of situation but still cant decide.


thanks for any insight

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I think that price is high for the carat weight you describe at H color and VS1 clarity.

I'm looking at an E color, VVS2 to VS1 clarity, 1.02 - 1.05 carat for less than your quote - and I've looked in several places, finding prices that are about the same.


I think the Union Diamond choice at 1.2carat would be a better purchase option --


again, my disclaimer - i'm not a jeweler or an expert. but i do shop and i love to find the best value for my money.

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Also, there's nothing wrong with getting online pricing from legitimate Internet diamond websites and showing them to a local jeweller. While the local jeweller may claim that Internet diamond dealers are "shady" and that s/he can't match the online price, it's a pretty good chance that s/he can -- just chooses not to do so. The reason is because they often get their diamonds from the same sources. One just has a brick and mortar store and onsite inventory to pay for, while the other doesn't.

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HI Everyone!


I would say that a photo of a diamond is essential- NOT a sample photo either.

Do you realize how different two emerald cuts with the same GIA grade, and weight can look.

They can be totally different.

One could be a great deal, the other a total bust.


Here's an example of a diamond who's shape I love- and the photo lets you see what I'm talking about.

I've attached a photo to give you the idea......

The corners, in particular, change the entire personality of the diamond.


I would certainly NOT rush into this type of purchase, in spite of purpleeagle's urging. Take your time.


"wholesaler" is another "red flag" term.

Consumers are NOT well served "buying wholesale"- which you're not going to do anyway- you want to buy one diamond.

"Wholesale" would involve buying in bulk, NO money back or satisfaction guarantees, NO trade up. Who would want to buy a diamond like that????



The finest, legitiamte sellers advertising on the web WILL give you AL the guarantees, a great price- AND a photo so you can actually see what you're buying.


There'a lot of "database"sellers offering v"virtual" diamonds they've never seen.

I'd stay away form that.


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I agree with much of what David said.


However, many (not all) vendors who source goods from inventory lists can call the stone in for review and provide you with a full analysis and images. Especially those vendors who are in New York or in close proximity to the inventory that they list.

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