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when to buy


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I got the girl. and I have a bit of time before I am going to ask her

I was wondering when the best time to buy a dimond was I am guessing it is not the day befor V day or right before Christmas. there must be a time that the shelves are stocked full of dimonds and jewelers want to sell.

would this apply to the internet jewelers also or are they pretty good at managing there shelves?

thanks for the help


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I think you're better off buying during the off-peak seasons (ie not before V-day and not before Thanksgiving / Xmas). Not because you will necessarily get a bargain deal, but because you will be able to get much better service/attention from the jeweler. Many jewelers use "virtual inventories", so they don't really have diamond shelves to speak of.

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Today would be a very bad day to be out looking at diamonds for the future.. I just looked at the showroom and it's SRO with guys swearing at themselves :blink:


And if you have the time, and can visit a few jewelers, you may find that many are willing to set aside as much time as you need and will explain everything as many times as you need to feel comfortable with your purchase..


And a suggestion I like to make to all guys out looking for an e-ring without the girl.. Unless you are 100% sure what she likes in a ring, don't buy the ring.. Buy a nice diamond and have it set in a $100 gold solitaire setting to give to her.. Then take her out shopping for the perfect ring for her..


We've all seen it before, you give a great looking ring only to find out later that it's not really her style but then she doesn't know how to go about telling you that.. Sort of goes back to that communcation thing in the other thread..

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