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Just Bought Diamond Don't know what 2 Think


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I just recently bought a diamond form a dealer online and have jsut received it. The diamond was graded UGL 1.72CT/ princess cut/SI1/J ...This diamond is NOT ENHANCED .....Once I got the diamond in my hand I took it to get appraised at a local spot here in Atlanta. The diamond came back appraised as 1.72 CT/SI1 clarity/ but L COLOR


When I 1st got the diamond I was extremly happy but after seeing the ring in dim lighting I became disappointed. I saw the yellow in the diamond for the 1st time. the thing is I only paid $3000 for this ring and now I'm torn with weather or not to return this or deal with it. This ring is meant for engagement BTW....Am I whinning too much ? should I still be happy or what?The yellow bothers me a little bit...but my fiance' is not really hard to please either but damn.... :)

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If the yellow bothers you then don't buy down in the J color range.. Step up to at least G.. You will see colors grouped a lot of times D-E-F, G-H-I, J-K-L, etc..


But, regardless, you should never be unhappy with your jewelry.. That's sort of the whole point of having it, it makesyou happy.. If it bothers you send it back.. Assuming of course that the vendore you purchased from has a return policy you can work with..

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