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Did he pay too much?


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My fiancee paid $2750 at a reputable jeweler (non-mall) for a .51 ct GIA cert. D color diamond. It is SI1. I am starting to think this diamond was 1,000 over the price it should have been. By the looks of the websites, they should have charged him around 1750 or given him a .75 ct diamond for that price. I love the diamond, and I don't want to upset him. What do I do?

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Did he buy just the diamond or was there a ring attached to it?? There is some cost for the ring.. Price comparisons between online and offline vendors may also present some of that price difference as well.. In many cases the B&M jewelers need to make a larger profit to maintain their stores..


Just a few things that may explain the price difference..

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That was the price for just the diamond. He bought the ring separately. They are a mom & pop jeweler and he is very pleased with the service he got. On one occasion, I needed it resized and they did it for free while I waited. So we have gotten good service. Should I just be happy that he is happy and stop wondering if he got the best deal or not? He picked the ring out by hismelf and did a marvelous job.

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My very first step would be to discuss it with him in an open but thoughtful manner.


My second step would be to convince myself that I "love the diamond" as you said. If that's the case, who cares if you paid a little extra for it?


We "pay too much" for things all the time. Ever been to a ballpark and paid $8 for a hot dog? Or, when buying a car, paid $2000 extra for the premium sound system or special paint? Do you ever shop for clothes at the mall? Easy to pay $100 for a garment that cost less than $1 to make...


On the other hand, if you don't love the diamond, by all means return it and try to get a better deal with the information you have.

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I absolutely agree with denverappraiser.


Your fiancee bought the diamond from a store with many more expenses (overhead) than a website. Plus, they probably sell less diamonds than a web based seller and therefore the law of supply and demand requires that they charge more.


The plus side of him buying locally was that he was able to see the diamond first hand and obviously felt that you would love it. In addition, it was easier for him to have the retailer set the stone as it was their stone in the first place. Some retailers frown on setting stones purchased by others and won't insure the stone during the act of setting.


Because this event means as much to your fiancee as it does to you and I am certain a lot of thought and love went in to his purchase . . . personally I would be torn if my financee told me she thought she could find a lower priced stone.


Love it and love him for caring so much to buy it for you.

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On one occasion, I needed it resized and they did it for free while I waited. So we have gotten good service.

That has value as well.. Can you imagine the process of having that done online?? Shipping it back and forth etc.. Or, having to pay to have it resized and not being able to wait??


Relax and enjoy your diamond and your guy.. And remember the next time you spend $1 for a bottle of tap water that maybe that is less of a bargain than your ring :(

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You've been given excellent advice.


Sure, he could of saved a couple bucks, but who knows how many quality control or customer service headaches he has avoided by paying a little more.


Relax, enjoy the ring.


Maybe he paid a little more so you would not have any of the many potential problems.


I think he deserves a little credit for that :-)

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