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The girdle profile of a typical diamond has many peaks and valleys. GIA measures the thickness at the valley for their report and they will give a range from the thinnest point to the thickest point so it will say something like Thin - Thick. If they are all the same, it will just say one. The scale goes:


Extremely Thin

Very Thin



Slightly Thick


Extremely Thick


Girdles are finished in several different ways. The choices at GIA are:






Other labe will use other words to describe these things.



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Facets on the girdle don’t usually count when people are describing the facet pattern. In any case, more facets don’t cause one stone to be more valuable than another.


Personally, I like polished and faceted girdles because they tend to collect less grunge and are easier to clean. There are other choices that aren’t described on GIA reports. The girdle is rarely part of customer requirements and it generally doesn’t have much of an affect on the dealer prices.



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