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Is this a good price with info given?


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This diamond is available for sale at $15,770. With an AGS Certificate, is this a good price?



Shape: Round

Carat: 2.110

Color: F

Clarity: VS2

Depth: 62.1%

Table: 54.0%

Cut-Polish: Ideal

Cut-Symmetry: Ideal

Cut-Proportions: --

Cut-Performance: Strict Ideal

Girdle: M-TK

Culet: P


Measurements: 8.20-8.24x5.10mm

Aspect Ratio: 1.00

Laboratory: Certificate, AGS




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Maybe you could call them for your own edification.


I did not see a contact us page, on the about us page there was a lot of info on how they invented diamond e-commerce and such, but since there was no acknowledgment of Al Gore I kind of question that :-)



This price is probably a typograhpical error.


However, consumers have to beware that there is a lot of hog-wash out on the big www.

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