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I had a mixed experience with Union Diamond. Before purchasing radiant cut 2.06, G, SI2, was told stone was eye clean and any inclusions were white and therefore difficult to see. After buying ring, had death in family and was away for a few weeks and could not quickly get ring verified by local jeweler. Stone appears to have visible inclusions so asked Tony if I could trade up to higher quality stone after 30 day period was over and pay them the upgrade price. Nice guy but would not break policy even for upgrade.

Had stone reviewed at local jeweler and was told it was, in their opinion, a level below SI2.

Overall, nice service but maybe a bit aggressive in grading/view of stones. My own fault for not having local jeweler verify immediately after receiving diamond. Suggest any of you buying from UD, do this upon receipt as UD will exchange if you return via registered mail.

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This is really a follow up to my last posting. I purchased an awesome diamond through Union Diamond at a great price. I was discouraged becasue the original Gem Print they sent, got lost in the mail. The readers here suggested that I contact Scott at Union Diamond directly becasue I was just getting myself upset. I contacted Scott, and he not only sent it out that day, he had it sent Federal Express. So Union Diamond does follow through after the sale. My thanks to Scott and Tony and to the posters who suggested that I contact them directly.

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