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I have gone to two jewelers. Jareds and a smaller one - Samuels.


I looked at these two today at Samuels


1 carat Si1, H color, emerald, good cut, for 5109


1.17 carat Vs2, H color, " ", 6509


It looks as though I can get more for my money on the internet, also the larger carat diamond looked much bigger for .17 diff. but they were both the same depth/ratios.


Any help is greatly appreciated



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Depth ratio isn't a very helpful unit for deciding on the merits of a diamond. If you're interested in comparing the the visual size of the stone, the two diameter measurements will be much more helpful.


I'm not sure I would describe Samuels as a smaller store. I think they are owned by the same company as Jareds. It's just a different showroom.


In general, prices from internet dealers are lower than prices at stores like you're discussing. Make sure you are making a fair comparison. The source and accuracty of the grading can be pretty important. Not everyone will grade an SI-1 the same way and 'good' cut can mean wildly different things.



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