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Have I found a great diamond deal?


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I'm looking at buying a diamond and I want to make sure that I run it by you guys before I commit to it. The wire transfer price is $2600. The stats, per EGL Europe (2509474334), are:


D, .79, round, depth 61.6, table width 56, crown height 15%, 43%, girdle med facited, finish ex, polish ex, culet none, flr moderate blue, clarity VS2, graining nil, comments "excellent ideal cut".


Are there any problems w/this diamond? Is the price too good to be true? Is there any other info. I should make sure to get?


I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you.



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I can't see it since it is on the net, but I've been given a 30-day guarantee. What does it cost to have it appraised (to verify its stats as accurate)?


Actually, even if EGL is off by a couple colors (or inclusions since I really just need a true SI1 or better), it is good since it'll still be colorless (since this \one is rated as a D).

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