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I like the idea of a lot of fluorescence in a colorless diamond, since in some lights it gives of a little blue, while in other lights it looks entirely colorless.


The question, though, is how much flr do I need to have in order to get this effect? Is medium enough, or do i need to go to at least a strong?


Thank you.




P.S. See ahead for what I understand about flr., from a resource:


"SB fluorescence in a diamond of D - H color MIGHT cause the diamond to appear foggy or oily, but such cases are extremely rare... In fact, it is estimated that fewer than 2% of all the diamonds in the market have levels of fluorescence high enough to detract from the brilliance of the stone. The owner of such a diamond may experience frustration or despair in trying to keep the diamond clean looking. However, this is NOT always the case, most of the time SB fluorescence does not effect the diamond in a negative fashion...."

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