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Not sure about proportions.


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A jeweler showed me a 1.0 round brialliant, H, SI2, Polish VG, Sym VG, culet None, Fluor None, Girdle Med Fac, 6.57 X 6.51 X 3.91. The Total depth is 59.8%, Table width is 52%, Crown Height is 14%, Pavilion Depth is 43%. Price is $3770 USD.


I looked at this stone and compared it to two others. One was a Tolkowsky Ideal E, SI2 and one was a G, SI2; both had GIA reports. These were both .75 ct.


My subject stone looked very good next to the other two in color and in briallance. The inclusions were not visible, at least by me, without a loop. When turned table-side down on white paper, you could see a small difference in the color, the subject stone was slightly more yellow, but not very much.


Bottom line, I liked the subject stone and felt that for the difference the 1.0 ct vs .75ct gave me a little more bang for the buck without sacrificing obvious color or look of the stone.


I have two concerns about this stone though and want to make sure that I am getting the right price and not paying too much.


1) It has an EGL certification (not EGL USA) and from the questions/answers that I have been monitoring on this site, no one seems to hold EGL if very high esteem. So maybe the color or clarity is off and I'm not really getting what it says?


2) The table width seems a little small when compared to specs given for excellent or very good proportions. I did a search on the diamond finder in this site and only one stone came back with similar dimensions...and that one had a 57% table width. I guess I would like your expert opinions whether I should keep shopping or select this stone. Am I getting my money's worth? Your thoughts????

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