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EGL vs. GIA cert.

Guest richardsc

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Guest richardsc

I was looking to purchase and was recently shown a ring with a certification from the EGL. Before that I had only seen GIA certs. Is there a difference between how the EGL and GIA do their certifications? Should I be wary of EGL certified diamonds versus at GIA certified diamond. The diamond in question is a 1.29 caret, H color stone which is SI1.

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In general, EGL grades a little more "leniently" than GIA. So, that is to say that sometimes their SI1 clarity grade might be closer to what the GIA would consider SI2. And the G color may be closer to a GIA H color.


Stones with EGL grading reports are sometimes (not always) priced slightly lower than a stone with the same specs graded by the GIA or AGS. This is not to say they are any less beautiful or better.


What is important is that the stone is beautiful to you and that you get what you pay for.

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I feel far more strongly about this than Megan- as do ALL the cutters and dealers we know in NYC and around the world.


NO LAB compares to GIA. Dealers know this, and a major problem is when dealers act is if an EGL report is interchangable with a GIA.

This is NOT the case. There is NO comparison between a GIA report and the lesser labs' reports.



Example- a client of ours wanted a lovely 2 carat diamond she owned re-set.

She also asked us to appraise the diamond.

When it arrived, we removed it from the setting. Using diamonds with GIA reports, I verified what my eyes saw.

It was a lovely K/VS1.


The EGL grade? H/VS1

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