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Is this a good diamond and price?

Guest mcurtright

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Guest mcurtright

I have been looking for a diamond to replace my 1.68 I1. I found a SI2, 1.71cw, depth of 61.2, table of 57. They say it is an ideal cut. Color is H, girdle is med to thick, cutlet none, polish and sym both excellent. They said it has a strong blue fluor. to it. It is GIA. The cost is 11,000.00

I have not seen it yet but will within the next few days. It was my understanding that a good diamond has little or no blue fluorescence. What do you think?

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Fluorescence has little to do with a diamond being "good". In most cases you cannot tell a diamond exhibits fluorescence by looking at it in normal light. You need a UV light to see the fluorescence. Occassionaly Very Strong fluorescence will cause a hazy or oily appearance in a stone. This is not common and generally only happens in some Very Strong fluorescent stones.


Fluorescence itself has seemed to gain a negative stigma on the general market. I am not entirely sure why this is and I happen to think it rather unfortunate. I suppose the one good thing about it is that some (not all) stones with fluorescence are priced lower than those without.


I personally love the fluorescence phenomenon because I think it is rather neat that a stone glows when its 'excited', as long as it does not impact the overall appearance of the stone. Some people love them, some people refuse them.


To a small degree fluorescence can help the face up appearance of lower color grade stones as well, which isn't a bad thing.


Have you seen the stone? Or pictures? If the stone is beautiful and you can't tell it has fluorescence then I say, go for it.

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I agree with Megan- the prescence of Fluorescence does not mean there's anything "wrong" with a diamond.


As a matter of fact, diamonds of I-J-K-L-M colors are actually desirable with fl.


The reason that higher color/clarity diamonds with flourescence are discounted is more to do with buyers' habits.

Someone buying a 2 carat J/VS for $13K is a lot less lilkely to be bothered by a notation on the GIA report than someone spending $30 K on a D/VVS1- therefore the price of a higher quality colorless diamond with Fluorescence will be affected.


In fancy colors, it's another story entirely........

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