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? on diamond studs


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I am going to buy my wife diamond earrings. .75-1.0 tcw. I was thinking something like SI1, E-G, Excellent or better cut. I want to buy quality without over buying. I have read for earrings Si1 is a good clarity. What about color and cut? Is D-E overkill? Any areas I need to focus on that will give me a better looking set of studs? Want to keep it under $2,300 (using Blue Nile prices).


Also my wife likes the 3 prong look. They will be platiunum. How concerned should I be that 3 prongs are less secure than 4 prongs in terms of securing the diamond. Thanks.

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The best value will be in the H-J color range. Nicely cut I and J color stones will face more white than poorer cut stones.


You might also consider SI2 clarity as many well cut 0.5ct stones are eye-clean.


As for the 3 prong vs. 4 prong security, you shouldn't have a problem with 3 prong in platinum. Earrings don't get as much wear and tear as a ring. If you are concerned about the security, you may want consider squeeze backs which are equipped with a locking mechanism so that they will not move past the notch on the post without pushing the little button on the disc.

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