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Diamond stud ear rings


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First question: What is the difference between white gold and gold and platinum for that matter, for I thought white gold was platinum.


Second question: when purchasing diamond stud ear rings should an attempt of haggling a price be made. I am looking at 0.5 carat ear rings and they are not too expensive but at 599.00 I thought she could drop the price to 525.00. What do you think. They twinkled outside of the stores bright lights. the for "C's" we did not discuss other than these are lower grade diamonds.



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First answer: White gold is the same as gold, except for the color. Platinum is a completely different material, much heavier and harder and does not tarnish, but also scratches more easily. Platinum is much more expensive than gold. Platinum is very popular these days.


Second answer: To haggle or not to haggle, that is the question. It depends on where you are. 0.5 tcw earrings at $599 is ballpark, but as a rule of thumb, any price ending with 99 is suspect to me. I would haggle a bit just for that :-)

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