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Appraisal Question


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Not especially.


They are a pretty large and high volume lab and have been in business for a long time. Consumers are often advised to give expect a grade or two of difference for clarity and color when comparing EGL graded stones to the expected GIA grading on the same stone. EGL-USA has a better reputation than EGL-Europe at this. The weight is usually right on no matter which lab issued it and they don't grade any of the other attributes, or at least they didn't in 1980. The 'value' if one is included is nonsense. If you are selling to a dealer, they are likely to ignore the report entirely and use their own determination of the grade.


The two EGL's are competitors with one another but I think in 1980 they were more closely tied together than they are now. They may have even been the same company at that time.


There's a search box at the bottom of the page where you can look up previous discussions with comments about them.

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