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Trying to decide and understand the numbers


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Bewteen these two diamonds which would be my better buy? What can anyone tell me about their proportions based on the measurements and how would I go about figuring the % based on those numbers? Thanks for any help


Weight (Size): 1.80 ct.

Cut (Shape): Round

Clarity: I1

Color: H

Certificate: None

Measurements (mm): 8.00x7.95x4.45

Depth 0

Table 0

Polish: 0

Symmetry: 0


Your Price: $2,238.75




Weight (Size): 1.82 ct.

Cut (Shape): Round

Clarity: SI3

Color: J

Certificate: None

Measurements (mm): 7.66x7.68x4.84

Depth 63.1

Table 58

Polish: G

Symmetry: G

Fluorescence: M

Your Price: $2,491.13


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The numbers in your case are less important than the words. 'CLARITY ENHANCED'.


Make sure you understand what this means, it's important. They are not graded in the same way as untreated natural diamonds, they are not priced in the same way as untreated natural diamonds and they don't generally sell through the same channels.


There has been lots of discussion about these stones both here and elsewhere. There's a search box at the bottom of the page. Search for 'Yehuda' 'Clarity enhanced', 'CE diamonds' and 'fracture filled diamonds'. A Google search for the same terms may produce some useful information for you as well.

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Hi galaniz,

In the 1.80 ct. round diamond, there is not enough data in order to provide you with a professional answer.


In the 1.82 ct. round diamond, the data you provided is for a GOOD cut diamond.

Never the less, it is very important that an independent known gemological institute grade the diamonds and issue a certificate for them.

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