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What difference would .15 make in dollar value?

Guest hmau

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I have an I.G.I. certified ring that was recently appraised by a local jeweler and the appraisal actually states that the center diamond is a 1.34 while the I.G.I. that was received when the purchase was made states it is a 1.49. Other conditions of the stone were basically the same: Near colorless (I), Clarity I1, Round Brilliant Cut. The I.G.I. measurements are 7.20-7.27x4.56MM. There are no measurements stated on the appraisal.


We are currently looking to trade up on the stone, so my question is, does the .15 difference make for that much of a loss on dollar value of the stone?


Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Heidi Maurer

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The dollar value at trade-in will have far more to do with the policy of the jeweler offering the deal than with what either IGI or the appraiser had to say about the stone. It's fairly likely that neither of these documents will be used when they make their decision about what to offer you. A 0.15 weight estimation difference between two graders is unlikely to be an important issue but, if it becomes one, you or the buyer can always take the stone out of the setting and weigh it to get an exact number.

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