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Thinking of buying this diamond today

Guest bammer

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I am thinking of buying this diamond today and would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can give me. The details are as follows:


Carats: 1.54

Cut: Emerald

Color: D

Clarity: VS1

Symmetry: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Girdle: Thick

Cutlet: None

Floor: None

Depth: 66.4

Table: 63

Dimensions: 7.20 x 5.99 x 3.98


The jeweler is asking $14,045 for this diamond and I am wondering if this is a good price. I asked him what the diamond cut grade is but they keep saying everything is excellent, but I think they are referring to the finish. Can you help me withthe cut grade from the info I provided. Thanks is advance.



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Really very difficult. Emerald Cuts need to be seen in order for a proper evaluation to be made. Numbers, polish and symmetry designations don't tell you the story.


If you're looking for the classical Emerald "look" this diamond only has a 1.2 Length to Width Ratio, when you should be considering at least 1.35 L/W +.


"Square Emeralds" are a different story and correct facet alignment determines light performance and contrast; something that is not known from just the numbers.

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Hi Rob,

I agree with Barry- no one can definitely answer if it's a good buy without seeing it.

I do disagree with Barry's assesment of shape.

I love 1.2:1 ratios-



There are no esablished parameters for what constitutes an "Ideal" emerald cut.

If you are comfortable with the seller and love the diamond, the price is not out of line.

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