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What do these letters and numbers mean?


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This stunning ring features a sparking .55ct marquise cut center stone with a clarity of VS2-SI1 and a color of I-J ( excellent shine& fire). The matching band and the side princess&round cuts have a total weight of 1.80ct with a clarity of VS2 and a color of I. Total weight of this stunning ring 2.35ct.


This is a ring I am considering for my bride to be. She is in the public eye and I want something nice for her. Is this a good ring? Thanks to all for the feedback... johnlmuse@yahoo.com

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This sounds like an Ebay listed diamond without a bonafide grading report from a reputable lab like GIA or AGS.


Red flags to watch out for:


Color and clarity are given a specific designation, e.g.; "H" color, and "SI-1" clarity.


Split grades as you describe above are not given by GIA or AGS and are misleading to the consumer as well as it having a significant impact on pricing.


What does "excellent shine" mean? How is this quantified?


I saw some guys in the Lobby of my building this morning that showed "Excellent Shine"

on the backside of their pants... :P:o


Get more detailed information from this vendor or keep shopping.


Good Luck.

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