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Is this pavillion angle too deep?


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I previously asked which of 2 diamonds was a better bet. The diamond that I felt the most comfortable with is the following. (I am trying to stick with a local jewler that has a Sarin machine).


Round stone


1.58 carat

clarity VS1

color H


Depth 62.5

table 57.1%

girdle medium to sl thick faceted

polish VG

symmetry Ex

fluor None

crown angle 35 deg.

pav angle 41.2 deg.

culet None

for $11,250


I have read a great deal online, and although they say that a 41.2 degree pavillion angle is AGS0, most articles I read suggest it's too steep cauging a deep pavillion depth (especially with a 35 degree crown angle). For $11,250 it seems like a good price for this diamond (especially from a local jeweler). BUT, am I loosing much in brilliance or fire with these proportions? Or am I loosing ~5 percent that the average person wouldn't notice. The stone looks nice to my untrained eye.

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