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A Princess-radiant cut?


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I went to a local jeweler today and I told him that my girlfriend really likes the princess cut but my mother and I really like the round cuts (more brilliance) and he said, "Well, what about kind of a combination of the two?"


He pulled out another ring that had a .60 ct G VS2 "Princess radiant" cut. He said its kind of a combination of the two. It was square (like a princess) but had alot more brilliance and fire that the princess cut we were comparing it to. He said its the first cut he's seen like that and he got it from a cutter in NY. It was really gorgeous and looked VERY similar in size to the 1 carat princess cut. He had it priced at 2900. Just wondering if there is something such as a "princess radiant" cut (it was marked "princ-rad" on the paper tab) or is he just kinda blowing smoke? Is it maybe just a radiant cut with a very square length-width ratio?


Also, is the radiant cut more "sparkly" than the princess? If so, could I get like a very square radiant cut so it still looks kind of like a princess but has more sparkle to it? Thanks alot!

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It's an either or situation.

A princess Cut has 90 degree corners, while a radiant has beveled corners.


What was the ring made of- platinum?


BTW- get what your girlfirend likes if you want a happy life.



i'll answer in more detail about hte difference tomorrow- gotta log off for the evening

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