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Asscher Diamond size


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Hello Everyone,


I am definitely a newbie looking for help on my first mayor diamond purchase my an engagement ring. I believe the special lady would like the Asscher cut very much since she favors the square cuts. My only issue is that I've read that this particualr shape will make the diamond look smaller than it should. I'm looking to buy about a 1ct diamond and don't want it to look small. Specially with the amount of money I'm putting into it.


Additionally, I've read that with the asscher shape you need a larger diamond to truly appreciate the shape and beauty of the stone. Is this true? What is the smallest asscher shaped diamond that would look great on a solitaire setting?


Also, I'm looking for suggestions on settings for this particular shape.


Thanks for the help!

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Hi Goat,

IN many cases an Asscher will look smaller than a round of identical weight- yet not every case.

One carat , if well cut, should be large enough to enjoy yhe attributes of the shape.


What type of quality of diamond are you looking at, and what type of ring? solitaire?- Plain or fancy?

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