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i'm looking for an engagement ring and i went to a jewelry store and i saw a 3 piece diamond ring original price selling for $20,000.00 but with sale and discount i could buy it for $8,000.00. do you think it's worth it?


total carat is 2

clarity is G

color is SI

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"sale and discount"??? ;)


There are your red flags.


The prices of diamonds and jewelry are fairly steady year round. Anyone offering you sales & discounts is playing games with you.


I suggest you try the "Find Online Jeweler" function on this website to make your own decisions about appropriate pricing, and to look at similar items offered by other jewelers.


Good luck!

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thanks ben. would you recommend me any reputable online store?


i figure new york bloomingdale wouldn't try to rip you off. the sale was going on in fine jewelry department. do you think i should stay away from department jewelry stores? is the diamond dealers more reputable and better quality with fair price?


first time looking for a diamond engagement ring and just started researching diamond. looking to spend up to 10k but very nervous about purchasing. what can i expect for 10k? i'm basically looking for 3 diamond ring but 1 diamond ring is fine too.


any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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I think nearly all of the vendors listed in the online jeweler list are reputable. Some may have different policies and services than others and you can research a little to see who might fit your needs best.


I would say that compared to department store shopping, online vendors will be able to provide you much more information about the diamond that you are buying as well as better value in their policies and service i.e, money back guarantee, analysis, possible upgrade policy, pre-purchase appraisal options, etc.


An engagment ring is a significant purchase. The more informed you are the more confident you will feel about your decision.


As for your budget. Prices vary greatly based on size, color, clarity combinations as well as cut quality and shape.

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I think nearly all of the vendors listed in the online jeweler list are reputable.


To be listed in the online jeweler list, a jeweler must first be a "Verified Jeweler". In order to be a "Verified Jeweler", I verify their credentials which includes 1) a real business address, 2) credit rating and complaints by looking at JBT, 3) educational credentials (GIA diploma, etc.), 4) proof that they're actually in business by looking at a sample of their purchases from known wholesalers, and 5) sample receipts to actual customers which must indicate a statement addressing the "conflict diamonds"/Kimberley requirements in addition to some form of return policy.


Of course, these steps do not guarantee that a given jeweler is "reputable", but it certainly does help.

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Hermann, with all due respect, you need to do a better job of advertising this Verified Jeweler program on the site. It's a great concept, and even after participating here for so much time, I had no idea it existed!


My 2 cents...

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