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Fair price on engagement ring?

Guest klgraha

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Guest klgraha

I have been working with a local jewelry store on an engagement ring. Here are specifics:


Round solitaire in platinum cathedral setting


Carat: 1.04

Color: I

Clarity: VS

Depth 62.1

Tab% 56%

Girdle: Slightly Med to Med


Price: 8799.00


From the research I have performed, I think this might be a little high. I went to my local Sam's club and saw a ring with greater clarity and color for 6500.00.


My budget is 6500.00 and I want the best quality I can get for the money.


My girlfriend actually thought the Sam's ring was prettier. I know that it was higher in clarity and color (not a lot, though) but I was not able to find out the depth and table percents.




1. Does it sound like the jewelry store is ripping me off?

2. If I were to decide on making a diamond purchase online, and could locate a diamond with at least the same specs as the one in the jewelry store--is it safe to say it would be just as beautiful?


Thanks in advance for ANY input!!



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Hi, Kelly;


Does this diamond have a lab report? Which lab? GIA and AGS are the best grading labs out there.


Other labs are not as consistent and accurate on the color/clarity grading; and if not GIA/AGS you may actually be looking at a J-K color/ SI clarity diamond.

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