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Requesting Advice of Appraisers/Dealers


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'A Cut Above' Hearts and Arrows.


This is the subject I am interested in, mostly because that is te ideal cut which Whiteflash makes, and Whiteflash is where I am purchasing the setting from (X-Prong in platinum for a brilliant). Obviously, it would be easier to buy from them. They have a number of diamonds which are slightly above what I would like to pay, but they ARE ideal and larger than the last one I bought ( I returned it).


Any opinions on the H-A cut? Is it overrated? Is it worth it? Is another signature cut from another company better?


I would just like a feel for how you experienced folks regard the Cut Above H&A cut.


Also, if you have any recommendations or suggestions about colour. I got an F last time, and loved the colour (or lack thereof) but obviously a G or even H would cut my expenses. Would it be really visible to get a G? Is there one Grader who grades colour harder than others, or does it just vary stone to stone?


Mostly, I just want opinions on the H&A and alternatoves, suggestions, thumbs up, whatever you have to say.


I want to get the best I can for her without sacrificing any kind of visible quality.


Thanks a BUNCH,



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