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HELP! Alleged Eye-Clean is NOT


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I just purchased an online diamond. I can return within 30 days. The diamond was rated SI 2 (and therefore eyeclean) and I was told it WAS eye-clean. It was my impression that any diamond rated eye-clean, or SI 2 and up, had NO VISIBLE INCLUSIONS to the naked eye.


Am I wrong?


Was I just looking TOO hard? Or is that just the breaks? Do all SI 2 diamonds have large visible black inclusions? How high a rating do I need to go to lose that, guaranteed?


Please help...clock is ticking!





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"Eye-clean" is a term used to desribe the lack of visibility of clarity characteristics at 10 to 12 inches away. At closer scrutiny the inclusion may be visible.


Not all SI2's are eye-clean, in fact, many are not.


Most SI1's are eye-clean and anything above VS2 should be eye-clean. It really depends on multiple factors like, the cut (shape and cut quality), size, the lab that graded it, inclusion placement, etc.,


Smaller stones tend to hide inclusions better as do well cut stones. Round stones tend to hide inclusions better than say, an emerald cut.


Not all SI2's are equal. A GIA SI2 grade isn't the same as an EGL SI2 grade. Some SI2's have black crystals, some have clusters of pinpoints, some may have feathers.


The good news is, if you are not 100% satisfied with your diamond, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.


You can ask your vendor to examine other stones more closely and provide you with images (which aren't always accurate to what you see with the naked eye, because the images are often taken under magnification).

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As Megan said, 'eye clean' and grading of diamonds in general, is done at very specific distances and magnifications..


Generally eye clean without magnification is judged at around 12 inches face up.. And stones are graded with a 10x microscope or loupe.. If we didn't have these standards in place you could grade a stone with a 20x or even 60x (I've seen it done by some jewelers to try to show how a stone bought elsewhere was really a bad stone) magnification and find inclusions and naturals in the stones..


I would suggest that you take a few minutes, relax, then step outside into natural light and hold the diamond up about a foot from your face and look at it.. If it's clean, fantastic.. If it's not, send it back and get your refund or exchange for a stone you love..


In the end, all of the grades and lab reports in the world mean nothing if you don't love your jewelry..



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