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HELP! Locating X-Prong of choice


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I am looking for something similar to this setting:




If you click on the enlargement, and look at the one on the right in particular, you will see that the setting rises to a more gradual, less dramatically steeped incline and that the diamond actually sets in it AS the peak, rather than inside some of the deeper settings like a volcano.


It looks perfect to me, except for two things:


one, it doesn't seem to flare out at all as it moves up the setting toward the head. I HATE the tapered in look (so does she) but LIKE the flare out (like in most cathedral settings). Any way to find a well balanced X-Prong like this no-name brand here, but with a bit more flare?


two, anything cheaper?


Any help is MUCH appreciated...I am in a bit of a rush.





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Rush + cheap + exactly what you want rarely, if ever, coincide.. You can usually get two of the three, but rarely all three..


You would get a little more flare (if I understand what you are talking about) with a larger stone.. But what you are describing would most likely become a custom piece of jewelry, or at the least a heavily modified production piece, and that would eliminate fast and maybe even cheap from your requirements.. Especially at this time of year..


I'm not sure what others are doing, but our deadline for custom work to be guaranteed for Christmas is tomorrow.. After that it a crap shoot whether they will be done in time or not..


If I were you I would pick up the phone and call Whiteflash.. Since they already have something close to what you are looking for they will be the ones to talk to.. But, like most of us, they'll only be able to get you two of your listed requirements.. Best of luck -



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