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Real or fake


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I went for a diamond window shopping few days ago. I was interested in one of the H&A (Hearts & Arrow) diamond, graded by IGI (rated as one of the least favored lab).


As i look further for the laser-inscribe ID on the girdle of the diamond, i noticed that there is something like a dotted stain on the surface of the diamond. Quite a lot of them, and scattered everywhere. Not sure what they are, but it sure is visible under the magnifying scope.


I asked the Sales Executive about it, they mention that it is a natural thing that happen to all Diamonds. It exist on every diamond and cannot be removed.


Anyone had any idea whether what the Sales Executive says is true? Or did anyone noticed anything like this when they purchased a diamond?

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One point for Megan

Zero points for the sales exectutive.


Diamonds can show a lot of surface blemishes of various type but there are none that look like your description except waterspots, dirt and similar grunge. Somethimes it's pretty hard to get it to clean but it's not your problem. If they tell you that their store sells a lot of stones covered in spots, believe them. It shouldn't be hard to find a store that has found a way to cleain thier inventory prior to showing it to you. I would not count this as a good sign about the quality of other advice they may have given you. They already have two strikes against (the other is IGI).


Three strikes and you're out.


Neil Beaty


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