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chipped culet


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Return it or have it repaired. Don't be disheartened -- work it out with your jeweler.


How a chipped culet affects value depends on the extent of the chip.


As for beauty, that is in the eye of the beholder... if you only just recently noticed it may not be a very large chip. Just knowing that it's there may have a stronger negative perception of beauty than the actual appearance.

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A chipped culet affects the clarity. If it was sold this way, it was probably an I1 or I2 instead of the VVS2 that was reported. How much this affects the pricing depends on how much you paid. there is a database associated with this site where you can look up superficially similar stones and compare pricing. Click on the link 'find online jeweler' at the top of the page to look at it.


Repair is an option but, as Ben says, it will depend on the nature and extent of the damage. Talk with a pro and get an opinion.


I-1 is not worthless but it's an important issue. Return it if you can.


Neil Beaty


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