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photographing diamond ring


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I am trying to take pictures of my grandmother's diamond ring, which is a brilliant round light cut, s1,near colorless, in an antique gold, with platinum leaves. The center diamond is nearly a carat with the two side diamonds, in platinum flowers about 10 points each, bringing the total weight to one carat. How can I sell it if I can't take decent pictures of it? It's absolutely stunning, but a photo too close is just too shiney, even with the flash off.


Thank you.

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Photographing a diamond can be tricky and it will depend on the details of your camera. If it has a macro setting, use it. If it doesn't, find someone to loan you a different camera. Use a lot of light and no flash. Put the camera on a tripod or some other stable type of base, don't try to hand-hold it. If you can, turn off the auto-focus feature. If not, try to force it to focus on the edge of the diamond.


How did you get the grading information on the center diamond? Assuming the objective is to sell on ebay or some similar venue, any buyer is going to consider this to be pretty important.


Neil Beaty


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Thanks, Denver, for the reply. It all made sense.


A jeweler I consigned the ring to for awhile looked through his glass and estimated what I said the grading was.


Of course, my grandmother said it was flawless. It was hand mounted in the late 40s early 50s by a family friend, Mr. Oaks. Hence the platinum oakleaf surrounding the diamond at the top of the ring. I've never had it appraised formally, can't afford to, and I know it will hurt in the long run. But I don't think they had cubic zirconia in the 50s did they?? :)


Appreciate the advice.

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