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Is this price is right?


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There are two round princesses diamonds that I'm interest in. The jeweler told me that they both are Ideal cut. Here is the info below, please help me to classified if they are Ideal cut and are the price is right before I proceed.


1. 1.65ct depth 60.3% table 58% IF color: E polish symmetry: good/good

fluorescence: none cutlet: none, GIA – Asking for $23,800.00


2. 1.50ct depth 62.7% table 57% VVSI color: F polish symmetry: good/good

fluorescence: none cutlet: very small, GIA – Asking for $17,685.00


Is this consider a good diamond? My ideally is looking for 1.70-1.89. I'm not in a hurry to buy, but I'm ready to buy. I'm looking for a good, nice, and ideal cut diamond.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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You need more info than a couple of numbers on a piece of paper. Anyone have any light performance analyis. For an example you can visit our website. We do light performance on every diamond we sell since it is in house and examined by us as well before we ship to anyone.

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