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How do I know if the dimond is Ideal or Excellent


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Grades on paper that are described by websites that don't view diamonds really don't mean anything. Don't confuse finish grades of polish and symmetry with light performance. For more info on the actual light performance you can go to:




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Many vendors have their own definitions of Ideal, some of which are loose enough to include nearly any diamond.


The AGS, which uses the term Ideal as a grade, takes in to consideration polish, symmetry and proportions and most recently performance. Most important to a diamonds visual appeal is the proportions and symmetry. Ideal proportions vary in relation to each other.


As Jan mentioned, there are some tools that quantify the light return and performance of diamonds. These maybe helpful in helping you select a diamond, but like all technologies they do have tolerances.


The more information you can gather about a diamond the better. If you are paying for an Ideal cut, you should make sure that is what you are getting.

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