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HELP ASAP! Best size stud for pendant


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I may have posted already - but wasn't sure if the post went through -


Hi - I'm new to the form and am facing a deadline regarding a purchase on a 1/2 carat simple diamond pendant (white gold) for a necklace and a pair of white gold diamond stud earrings to match.


Can anyone quickly give their opinion on the best size stud earring to match this size diamond pendant (in total carats for the pair of earrings). I would like to get a nice set with diamonds that really compliment one another, but I don't want the earrings to take over - I'm hoping that the earrings can compliment rather than distract from the bigger diamond on the pendant.


Any replies are really very much appreciated. Thank you -

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With all due respect to all the honest jewelers out there, I do think this is one choice you have to make yourself without much guidance from a jeweler, who will always have an incentive to try get you to buy bigger.


Another thought. The pendant/stud combination may look small in a jewelry store with bling bling everywhere! Try to imagine yourself at work or out somewhere wearing the pendant / studs...

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You are so right Ben. I originally purchased a total wt. 0.60 earrings to go with the 1/2 k pendant. The clerk was trying to talk me into 0.70!!


Anyways, when I originally typed this post, I had hoped they would let me make an exchange the 0.60 total wt. studs for 0.50 total wt - when I got home, it seemed as though the 0.60 competed with the studs.


The clerks are exassperated with me for being so indecisive - I was discussing making another purchase through them, and they agreed to give me a deal since I'd already bought a few things - but I just foudn out they won't agree to that deal and exchange the studs for a smaller pair. It looks all as though I'm stuck with them after all!!


I sure wish I had more time to make these decisions...


Now what do I do?? I think the best decision would have been:


- 1/2k pendant

- 1/2k total wt. matching studs

- another 1/2 k total wt. diamond studs in gold for everyday wear


There is pretty much a "fire sale" at this store otherwise I wouldn't have bought anything :)

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MB, what does the receipt say about returns??


Most stores I work with have a 30 day, no questions asked return policy.. But just as many don't allow any returns.. No matter what the sales person says, what is written on the receipt is the rule..


As for talking you into a larger pair, well, their job is to sell after all :) But if you are feeling pressured in any way you should feel comfortable with simply walking away.. It is your money after all..


As for sizes, there is no "rule".. We have customers with all sorts of tastes and they wear everything from same size pendant and earrings to 75% smaller earrings.. It really does depend on what you like..

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Thank you Feydakin - I appreciate the reasurance.


No - the bills says no returns, but it doesn't say anything about exchanges. However, there is that other deal that I made with them on the other diamonds I was looking at.


The sales clerk said that since we negotiated that deal without talking about any trades, the deal stands only with no changes elsewhere. If I go ahead, I'll save $300 on the next purchase (but I'll lose the $200 I might have saved if I'd been able to exchange for a smaller pair on the first purchase). I'm almost tempted to see if I could trade those .6's in on a pair of .5's elsewhere after all is said and done - I received such good prices on everything, that who knows, I might even make a profit :)



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