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Diamond earings


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Read the fine print. There's important information and it may not be included in the advertisement.


Who did the grading?


What one grader may call an F, another grader might call a J.

What one grader may call an SI1 another grader might call I-1.

What one grader may call a diamond, another grader may call 'clarity enhanced'.

2 carats and 'approximately 2 carats total weight' are not the same thing.


There are occasionally good deals to be had on ebay but it's a pool of sharks. Make sure you understand what you're buying and make sure you have the right to return it without penalty if it turns out to be inaccurately described by the seller.


Play with the search engine at the top of the page under 'find an online jeweler' and you'll quickly see how much difference these details can make.


Neil Beaty


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