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I just put a down payment on a ring and I want to know what you thought of this deal. It is a Pear shaped, 1.21 C, vs ii, F Color, very good symetry, good polish, no culet, no flourescence. 8.67x5.97x3.81mm.


Depth 63.8%

Table 54%

Crown 16%

Pavilion 41%

Girdle Medium, faceted


This is an EGL cert but my guy tells me that the f is pretty darn close and that that, with the 'very good' symetry make it a very firey stone. (I havn't seen it yet!)


My price was $5,700.


What do you think?




Kid Rock

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Everything you've posted about the diamond looks very promising. The price also seems to be very reasonable.


The only thing I would want you to understand is that EGL is not as stringent in their grading standards as GIA. This means that your "F-VS2" Pear shape may very well grade as "G-SI1" if evaluated by a more strict laboratory.


With that said, $5,700 would still be a fair price for a GIA graded G-SI1.


Enjoy your new diamond!

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